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7 Ways Tailwind Can Help You Grow Your Pinterest

I love Tailwind.

They are the only Pinterest management approved partner, so they work hand in hand with Pinterest to help you build your business on Pinterest more strategically and effectively.

I adore Tailwind so much that I require it with all of my clients (even if we start out with the free version and then upgrade to PRO).

That's what gave me the idea to write a blog post sharing to you guys how Tailwind can make such a different in utilizing Pinterest for growing your business. (And don't forget if you aren't quite yet using Pinterest For Your Business, pick up a copy of our free Power Up Your Pinterest Checklist today!)

If you are already convinced to join Tailwind and want to receive your first month free, click here. You'll get your first month of Pro free and I'll also receive a month free! 

Okay, now let's talk about all the way Tailwind can be a game changer when growing your Pinterest.

Seven Ways Tailwind Can Help Your Grow Your Pinterest

1. Instead of pinning manually, Tailwind allows you to create a pinning schedule based on the activity of your audience. 

A high percentage of Pinterest users use the app in the evening and late at night--likely when you are making dinner, out with friends, or even off to bed!

Tailwind automatically crawls data from their usage habits and suggests peak times you should schedule pins.

Below you can see my current schedule as I am pinning eleven times a day, but the white times slots are additional opportunities I can add to my schedule to pin if I want to.

This is great for two reasons: your pins are being seen by the majority of people at the right times and you don't have to spend hours and hours manually pinning. 

2. Tailwind allows you to schedule and rearrange pins, so that you can publish pins that align with product launches, your content calendar, or promoting something in your business. 

 You work really hard to create quality content or gorgeous products for your customers and obviously, you want them to be seen at the right time and when the most people are on Pinterest. 

In Tailwind, you are manually able to arrange your pins when you want them to publish. You can even schedule out as far as your little heart desires, so your Pinterest content calendar is keeping up with any content or products you have coming out or that you'd like to promote.

For example, one of my client's The Root Collective just launched a brand new series of Fall boots (see below!). I created a series of pins that would publish over the next several weeks promoting the pins, but not before the boots launched. 

I was able to manipulate and do all of that in Tailwind! So, their products are being promoted and showcased all while I am off doing other things. Pretty neat, right?!

Are you convinced to join Tailwind yet?!

3. Tailwind has more diverse and in depth analytics.

Don't let the data scare you.

Tailwind provides insight into your top performing pins, audience growth, percentage of repins, overall profile performance, virality and engagement scores, and more.

(An example of my Tailwind analytics dashboard!)

This is all in an effort to give you as much information as possible as to see how your current strategy is doing on Pinterest.

And that leads me into the next reason why Tailwind is incredible...

4. Because of the data Tailwind provides, you can learn what content or products are perform well, what graphics are most enticing to your audience, what lead magnets are attractive for your community, and more.

This way you can take all of that information in and adjust your Pinterest marketing accordingly to reach your audience better.

The only way to do better Pinterest strategy is to know your audience and adjust / pivot as needed! 

Paying attention to the data helps you to serve your audience better, but also gives you clarity on where you should shift your focus when it comes to products or content on Pinterest.

5. The use of Smartloop. 

Smartloop is this neat little feature within Tailwind that takes your top performing content and meshes it with your peak pin times, so you can schedule what's doing well again and again and again to keep that pin / that content / that product working for you for months and years to come!

It also allows you to schedule and promote seasonal content within a peak period of time, so your Christmas content isn't showing up in mid-March! You get the idea. ;-) 

6. Access to Tailwind Tribes. 

I call Tailwind Tribes like Pinterest group boards on steroids.

There is quite a bit of information to share about it, but essentially, Tailwind Tribes are easy to navigate, join, and pin to group boards. But, these group boards you can search for by industry or topic, you get access to how busy the group is, you can see how many members are in a group, how much people pin within that board, chat with a other members, create your own group boards, and more. 

You can do all of that within Tailwind saving you time and energy!

If you are any kind of business owner that wants to exclusively use group boards to grow your business or just try them out amidst Tailwind's other features, Tailwind Tribes is well worth the monthly PRO fee of $15 a month! 

It makes joining and managing group boards so easy -- it's like access to Pinterest gold.

7. Last, but not least, I really enjoy using Tailwind because I can choose to pin how often or infrequently that I like.

Sometimes I am not in a huge content creating mode, so I only pin seven or eight times a day.

Whereas other times when I have products to promote, plus new content, I might increase my pinning to eleven or twelve times a day. 

I can add or remove time slots based on what works best for me and my business! 

 Seriously, what are you waiting for?! 

Join Tailwind today and get your first month free!

And if you want to take your Pinterest basics a step further, you can also get a copy of our Power Up Your Pinterest Checklist, which will help you to optimize your Pinterest For Business profile to have your content and products found on Pinterest! 

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