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Five Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

Oct 04, 2019

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The look I get from business owners when we start talking blogging is almost like a look of intense fatigue.

They simply cannot fathom keeping up with a blog for their business in addition to the million of other things they have to keep up with as a business owner. 

I thought the same way, too, for a long time.

But, what I didn't realize is how important and useful a blog can be for your business in so many ways! 


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So, as a huge blog advocate today, I want to encourage and educate you on some beneficial, useful ways that a blog can grow your business.

Ready to do this?! Me too!

Five Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

1. For Pinterest marketing.

Okay, so obviously, I am so, so partial to this first reason as a Pinterest Strategist. A blog can be crucial in captivating new customers or clients to click through from Pinterest and bring them to your website. 

Even if those customers or clients don't buy right at first, you've begun to develop the know, like, and trust factor with them, plus if your products or content are quality, they are likely to save, re-pin, or stay on your blog or website longer learning more about you, your brand, and your services.

It is also very plausible they join your email list, purchase a product, or read other content you have available. 


2. It solidifies you as an expert in your given industry.

No matter if you are a product or service-based business, writing quality, helpful content for your customers, clients, or fellow businesses will go towards setting you up as a complete expert in your industry.

This will entice people to follow you, buy your products, hire you to teach, coach, or speak, join your mailing list, and much more.



3. It gives you a further opportunity to serve your audience! 

The second reason your business needs a blog is a segway into the third reason you should be blogging -- to serve and provide immense value to your audience!

What questions or concerns do your customers ask about over and over again? Answer them in a blog post.

How do you use your product? Or what makes your products unique or different? Answer all of that in a blog post.

Is there important information about your product, service, or industry your community should be aware of? That could also be a series of blog posts. 

Can you provide a step by step guide, tutorial, or guide on how to use your product? There's another series of blog posts, too!

In saying all of that, you can see how a blog can help your customers and be a valuable resource for you to pull from, too.


4. To sell your products or services.

With any of my digital products, I write a blog post promoting the product for SEO, but also to share more about what the product it is and how it can solve my client's problems!

I also highly encourage my clients to write blog posts on new product lines, most popular products, tutorials on how to use, or style guides to show customers / clients how to best use, wear, or style a given product. 

Obviously, you are providing value through the post, but you are also passively selling what you have to offer! And if someone feels confident about your product after reading your blog post, they are three times as likely to buy as they were before. It's a win-win.


5. Blogging helps rank you in search engines and boosts your SEO (search engine optimization). 

I'm not going to get to technical here, but it's safe to say that blogging can help you increase your search engine rating through specific niche keywords, alt-text, and metadata you use across the content you create.

For me, I use a lot of these same words: Pinterest, strategist, manager, management, small business coach, digital media, etc. 

So, in search engine's (and on Pinterest, of course!), if someone is searching "Pinterest management for small business," Pin Savyy Co is slowly crawling those keywords to be found by people who are searching for them

This keeps the rest of your website from having to be "keyword stuffed," and boosts your rating, so people who want to buy your product or service are finding you on Google (and other search engines!).

So, let that content work harder for you and find new clients all by blogging!


6. BONUS: You can cross-promote your blog content on social media, in email newsletters, sharing to Facebook groups, develop short videos from them, re-share again and again across media, and more, so you have more content to work with across all digital media and spend less time trying to come up with new ideas of what to post and share with your audience.

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