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Five Tips To Make Your Social Media Content Go Further

Aug 19, 2019

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Y'all, we spend so much time creating content and often times with social media algorithms and updates, only a very small portion of our audience actually sees it. 

So, today I want to get you five tips and tricks on how to make your content go a little bit further for you. This could be blog content, video, press, podcast episodes, or just posts that performed really well across our media channels.

(I elaborate upon this a bit more in my course Social Media Strategy Made Easy if you want more insight and help on managing media effectively for your business!)


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1. Use popular, but relevant hashtags for your content on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but I still see a lot of businesses who use strictly viral hashtags (which means your content will be pushed down quickly and seen less) or irrelevant ones like #love, #happy, #business, #mood or no hashtags at all to promote their content.

How will people find you then?!

It's good to use hashtags, but try to find ones that aren't oversaturated. Instagram and other hashtag apps catalog viral or extensively overused hashtags in red, ones that are still widely used in yellow, and ones that are okay to use in green. Ones that aren't used often or much at all will be grey. 

Hashtags are a means for people to search to find content they are looking for. For instance, for my business, I use the following hashtags:

1. #raleighsmallbusiness -- Because I am in Raleigh and I am a business; this helps me market my services and content to other interested businesses!

2. #pintereststrategy -- I focus on promoting to people who are interested in reading content on or looking for assistance with Pinterest.

3. #socialmediaexpert -- Again, I help other business owners with their digital media, so this hashtag helps to set me up as an expert in this industry along with having my content seen by those interested in reading about social media.

You get the idea, but hashtags are an easy, underutilized properly way for you to get your content into the hands of more people!

2. Take advantage of Geotagging across media, so people can find your product or service.

Geotagging, in short, is adding your location to your posts, whether it be a Facebook post, Pinterest Pin, Instagram post, or Instagram story. 

When people are looking for businesses or something to do or buy in a specific area, they will search by location and if you are using this tool, your content will appear.

This is especially important for brick and mortar businesses or businesses that have multiple locations, but I certainly use it, too. 

After all, a new client could find me that way or even someone who wants me to speak at a business conference -- you get the idea, but the possibilities are endless and your content will be seen by more people!




3. Don't always re-invent the wheel and re-purpose old content.

If you are gaining steady new followers or have added significantly to your email list, there is no reason why you can't update and re-purpose content that you've posted previously.

Like I mentioned earlier, only a small percentage of your community may have seen your post or read the content you posted, so if the post was popular, valuable, or educational in some way to your audience--reuse, reuse, reuse!

Chances are someone needs to hear what you have to say about the topic and it keeps you from having to think of and write fresh content over and over again. 

4. Ask your community what they want to know or learn about!

I find one of the most valuable ways to make my content work the best for me is to poll my community about what they want to learn about.

The reason for this is because if I am sharing educational or insightful content they love and have asked for, they are more likely to re-pin it, re-post it, share it in their Instagram stories, link to it on Facebook, etc. 

The more eyes on the content, the harder it will work for you, and the more visibility on your business! So, when in doubt about what to post, always ask your community!

5. Spread the content out across media. 

What I mean by that is, say you have an email list, Pinterest pins, you post content to media, you've got a podcast, YouTube Channel, or IG TV, understand that your community consumes content differently. 

So, while you may have posted about that exciting news story or most recent blog post on your feed, did you share it elsewhere?

You can either stagger it across different platforms at different times or share it all at once and then re-share it again later. It's entirely up to what works best for you in your business!

Now, get out there and start making all that content work harder for you and your business! And if you loved this post, I'd love to hear your thoughts about anything I shared below or give us your best tips for making your content go further.

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