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Let Your Story Guide You To Your Unique Calling With Ashley Stephenson, Story Photographers

This episode is not a how-to business episode. This episode of The Girl Inspired Project is a heart episode.

Meet my sweet friend and superb portrait, boudoir, and wedding photographer, Ashley Stephenson, of Story Photographers. Ashley has been in business almost fifteen years, so she has a lot to share and more importantly, she has lived through so many of the topics we discuss on this episode.

I'm partial to this episode for so many reasons. Mainly, Ashley has definitely shared some of her wisdom and advice (albeit, unintentionally) with me at times and it's made quite the impact on my business journey, too.

Ashley and I sit down and chat about:

  • The creation and journey of Story Photographers
  • How she picked the name of Story Photographers; it's a beautiful idea
  • How, as a business owner, you can remain truly authentic and vulnerable in front of your community
  • Ways to work through trauma and difficult seasons in a client interfacing industry; think divorce, death, and illness.
  • And my favorite of all, how you can let your story inform your calling 
  • Why you should reflect in seasons of your life to tune into creativity and the direction of your business
  • And more...

You can listen to the full episode here or search The Girl Inspired Project wherever you digest your favorite podcasts.

To find more out about Ashley, hire her for a session, or keep up with her on media, head to her website or follow her on Instagram for Story Photographers or See Ashley Story.

As always, dear friends and fellow business owners, we appreciate you listening and really hope that you find some peace and inspiration in this week's episode.

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