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Resolve Trauma + Heal Your Energy To Level Up Your Business With Hanna Bier, Soulful Success Coach

This episode of The Girl Inspired Project is a very special one.

We often in our businesses think about growth, but usually we think, how can I make more money? How can I find more clients? How can I grow a bigger company? Not, how can I resolve my trauma and heal my energy to grow a happier, more joyful business?

That's what I talk about this week with Soulful Success Coach and energy healer, Hanna Bier. Hanna talks about her journey into energy healing, how she helps clients resolve trauma with her five step methodology, practical tips on how you can begin to heal your energy, and a lot more.

Get ready for this interview, because it is going to change your life.

You can listen to The Girl Inspired Project wherever you digest your podcasts or you can check out the episode here.

To learn more about Hanna or to connect with her, head to her website or find her on Instagram!

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As always, thanks for listening!

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