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What Does A Pinterest Strategist / Manager / Expert Do? (And how can they help grow my business?)

Nov 04, 2019
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Hey business owner, I know you are reading this and still not yet ready to take the plunge and hire a Pinterest manager / strategist / virtual assistant.

You may not quite understand how Pinterest can even help you grow your business (Watch this tutorial to learn more!), so you don't see the value in hiring someone to help you build it.

But, if you are reading this, and you know how crazy important Pinterest marketing can be to grow your business, I want to share with you all the things I do as a Pinterest Strategist to help grow my client's business with Pinterest Marketing.

Ready to learn more? Scroll on to read all the things.


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What Does A Pinterest Strategist Do?

In short, I help small business owners harness the SEO power of Pinterest to grow their businesses online! 

This means I increase referral traffic for them by strategically pinning in an effort to create leads and sales.

But, how do I do that you ask?

Pinterest marketing is an entire field of study in a sense. Any Pinterest Strategist worth their weight in salt is an expert in pinning, ads, Tailwind, and many other important strategies.

From here, I'm going to sort of walk you through step by step on how I work with a client as if they are already onboard with hiring me and include a list of the techniques I use to grow their Pinterest.

But, first, things first.

Before I even start pinning for a client, there are multiple things that have to occur.

  • Consultation call to learn more about their Pinterest goals and their business
  • Receipt and signing of contract
  • Completion of client survey
  • Receipt of first payment
  • Access their Pinterest, Tailwind, Website management platform, as well as Google Analytics
  • Request brand or product imagery via Google Drive
  • Receive client brand identity, fonts, and color palettes
  • Create client content tracker spreadsheet
  • Measure client starting Pinterest analytics, referral traffic, and conversions

And that's just the client onboarding stuff!  

Once a client is fully onboarded, I have everything I need to being the process of building their business with Pinterest. 

Now that the most important items are checked off, I start working through many facets of Pinterest management. In an effort to keep this blog post succinct and to not bore you entirely, I am going to list off some of the next steps of what I do with a client to manage their Pinterest. 

Techniques I Use To Help A Client Build Their Business On Pinterest


Competitive analysis is exactly what it sounds like. Since I've learned more about my client's business with our on-boarding survey, I also like to take a look at their competitors.

I do this for two reasons: 1) I want to see if their competitors are utilizing Pinterest marketing, and if so, what they are doing well or doing poorly, and 2) My client's ideal customer is generally following those similar brands, so it gives me a great jumping off point of where to find potential customers / pinners on Pinterest.

From here, I cross reference the information the client provided on their brand and what I learned from competitive analysis to have some strong Pinterest starting points in mind for their Pinterest For Business Profile.


Keywords and hashtags are how content and products are found on Pinterest. Along with the hashtags and keywords a client gives me, I do an audit on Pinterest to see what words align for use across descriptions and titles. 

I'll save these hashtags and keywords in an excel spreadsheet for reference later when writing descriptions.


Obviously, I want my client's content to perform well. So along with keyword audits, I find high performing blog ideas and content they can write that people / customers are searching for on Pinterest. 

This increases the likelihood of driving referral traffic while finding warm leads and serving our audience again and again.





Now, that I have necessary keywords and hashtags to use for my client's business, I can overhaul their Pinterest For Business profile.

This looks like: Updating their profile description, logo, and cover image, verifying their domain, setting up featured boards, creating new, brand-relevant boards and shuttering personal or under-performing boards, rearranging boards, adding board descriptions, creating board covers, and optimizing board names.

A well done, highly optimized Pinterest For Business profile is the perfect stepping stone to growing a client's business on Pinterest.


I spend so much time developing beautiful engaging pins for myself and clients. These pins are going to be used again and again for scheduling in Tailwind to ultimately pin to Pinterest. 

I take the product or brand imagery I received for client onboarding and incorporate keywords or product-centered text into the pin to give it context and make it more enticing. See some examples of product based pins below.

I'm also including a few examples of service / content based pins from my own business, too, to give you some different ideas:



I spend so much of my time writing descriptions for pins, so that it tells people what the pin, brand, or business are all about and encourage them to learn more, shop now, take advantage of a deal, or read on.

Leaving pin descriptions empty is a big way to lose value on Pinterest, so as a Pinterest manager I come up with these necessary descriptions, so you don't have to!


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There is a lot to say about Tailwind that I won't even be able to begin to cover here. But, in short, I take all the pins I design, upload them in Tailwind, and then create a pinning schedule for my client. The more content or product a client has, the more they are pinning, which means outlining a schedule that doesn't have tons of duplicates and that makes sense for the season / time of year to be pinned.

On Tailwind, I also write / add pin descriptions, boards, and URLs, coordinate SmartLoops, work with Tailwind Tribes, measure analytics, and a lot more. 

Tailwind management is the most important part of what I do, because I schedule / strategize pins in such a way that Pinterest loves and sees as fresh content.


Obviously, I don't do all of this work and leave it be. I look at my client's Google analytics, Pinterest analytics, how pins are performing, as well as Tailwind analytics to measure what products or content are performing well or what is lackluster and could be avoided.

I take all this information to create more pins like the ones that do well as to increase overall views, clicks, and saves.


Creating pins, writing descriptions, uploading, and scheduling them means my work is never done. As long as a brand or business is releasing new content or products, I am always updating their Pinterest / Tailwind by scheduling new pins for them. This is a majority of the chunk of time I spend when working with a client.


Sometimes pins aren't performing well or certain keywords fall flat. It's my job to recognize when certain tactics aren't working for a client and having the wherewithal and creativity to change suit and try something different.

Because I am an expert on Pinterest, I have a lot of ideas of different things to try versus an everyday client who may just be pinning to keep up with it and not using it the most effectively. 


Organic traffic is ideal on Pinterest, but at times, my client's do want to include promoted pins or specified ads in their strategy to increase conversions / traffic. 

This is something I also do for client's in addition to all the other techniques listed above. 

And while that is not all I offer to my clients, the list above is a very short and sweet version of what I do as a Pinterest Strategist (because so much of it is strategy!) and how I help my client's build their business with Pinterest marketing. 

I hope this blog post has helped to clarify how we can assist you with Pinterest marketing, growing your business online, and why Pinterest Strategist's are very important to hire if you are serious about Pinterest marketing.


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