I'm Joanne, and I love Pinterest.

If you haven't already figured it out, business is not for the faint of heart.

We wear all the hats and spend our days hustling our product or service that we are crazy passionate about.

Sometimes, at least early on, it seems like no one is seeing us.

You spend all this time building a thing, crafting your product, and perfecting your service then... crickets.

Friend, I hear you. I've been there.

For Pin Savvy Co is not my first business nor my second.

I felt like I spent all of my time trying to attract customers, convert leads, and drive traffic on social media and honestly, the analytics just weren't there.

Talk about a waste of time and energy.

It got me thinking... there has to be a better way I can grow my business, meet my goals, make money (because isn't that the point of business?!), and live more joyfully without spending all my time on ineffective marketing efforts!

Enter Pinterest.

I started learning all I could about Pinterest, optimizing my bio, pins, and boards for traffic, and setting up Tailwind (but that's another conversation).

Within four weeks, I went from:

  • 233 followers to 377
  • 4.5K impressions to 30.7K
  • 62 engaged users to 559

And that's just in thirty days! Imagine that return two months? Or two years from now?!

You will hear me say it again and again that Pinterest is one of the most underutilized marketing strategies out there to date for female businesses.

Even though business owners have a Pinterest account, maybe a few boards, and a few dozen pins, what they don't know is this...

  • 88% of users have purchased something they found on Pinterest
  • Half life of Pinterest pins is 1,680 times longer than Facebook posts or Tweets; essentially, a pin's half life is 3.5 months!
  • Over 80% of Pinterest pins are re-pins meaning that your content has a much higher chance of virality on Pinterest than any other platform
  • You can pin and re-pin content over and over again and find a new audience.
  • 55% of pinners are on Pinterest looking for a product or service and are ready to buy

Not to mention, if you are a business that targets women, 85% of users on Pinterest are women. Women also control 85% of National spending.

Are you starting to put two and two together yet?

You should be using Pinterest for business.

But, don't worry, I am the Pinterest Guru in your pocket.

It is my mission to help women in business effectively utilize Pinterest for business, so you can build the business you've always dreamed of.

Here's are some ways we can get started on building the business you've always dreamed of together...


Knowledge is power. If by chance you aren't sure of what the benefits for Pinterest might be for your business or you are in a place where you can't quite hire a Pinterest Pro, our courses are designed to help you from start to finish with Pinterest and everything in between. *Coming October 2019*



Want someone else to develop, strategize, and manage your Pinterest for you? Then, you're in luck. Joanne would love to schedule a complementary call to discuss your Pinterest goals and wishes. Please note, Joanne only offers a handful personalized implementation services per calendar year on a case by case basis.



Seriously, who doesn't love to learn? The Pin Savvy Co blog is an extensive resource on Pinterest, social media, email marketing, and Tailwind! This will getsyou on the fast track to building out and implementing your Pinterest for business in your business. If you need a little more help, we offer Pinterest Education and one on one services!


When Joanne isn’t busy helping women with their Pinterest strategy, you can find her volunteering at her local animal shelter, hiking with her two rescue dogs, Sox and Lucy, stretching out on her yoga mat, or traveling around the country with her husband, Michael, in their house on wheels.

And a little something extra just for you...

We've created our PIN PROFICIENT MASTERCLASS to help you save time and energy when building your business on Pinterest. This class will teach you the exact steps I take to create, draft, and schedule pins for myself and client's to get you pinning more consistently and intentionally.


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