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9 Techniques I Use As A Pinterest Strategist

(Hey there reader! This post does contain affiliate links, which means that I will receive a small commission if you use those links at no cost to you.)

Let me just say before I launch into this post that there are a lot of strategies and techniques I use to manage my client's Pinterest accounts! 

But, across the board, these are nine that I will use, try, or implement per each client.

And if by chance you are brand new to Pinterest marketing and you are currently managing your own Pinterest account for your business, go get a copy of our complementary Power Up Your Pinterest checklist, then come back here and finish reading! 

On the other hand, if you don't love to read lengthy blog posts, but you'd rather take in this information in a audio / video format, I do have a mini-class on Pinterest Fundamentals class now available for you to check out. 

Okay, so let's get to what you are here for.

Nine Techniques I Use As A Pinterest Strategist


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What Does A Digital Marketing Coach Do?

You've heard of life, health, and business coaches, but have you ever heard of a digital marketing coach?

I'm certain I didn't dub the term, but I hadn't heard of anyone else (until a Google Search) who works with small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that solely focuses on helping these individuals / companies with their digital marketing.

That's a great segway into:

What does a digital marketing coach do?

Well, from my perspective, a digital marketing coach does the following:

  • Competitive Research on behalf of the brand / business I'm working for prior to our session

  • Targeting key areas of a brand / businesses' digital marketing strategy that are working, not working, or that should be implemented

  • Asking clarifying questions about the brand / business to get a better feel for where they should be focusing their digital marketing efforts and budgets

  • Understanding the goals and growth plan of the business to effectively utilize digital marketing to help them meet their...
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Why I Switched From Teachable To Kajabi (And Why You Might Want To Also!)

I want to first start off by saying that Teachable is a great starter platform. It was easy enough to use and the knowledge base is great for beginner course creators, BUT, if you want to take things a step further in your online business, Kajabi just might be the switch you need to make, so learn more here.

I've been using Kajabi for six months now and I am continually impressed by the platform and all of it's capabilities. Not to mention, the staff at Kajabi are always working to make improvements! 

So, read on to hear why I switched from Kajabi to Teachable and some insightful reasons you may want to also. 

(Note: This post does contain affiliate links. If you decide to join Kajabi, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.)

Why I Switched From Teachable To Kajabi

1. It's an all inclusive platform.

This is primarily the main reason why I decided to take the leap and invest in Kajabi.

Prior to joining Kajabi, I had a website management platform, email...

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Five Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

The look I get from business owners when we start talking blogging is almost like a look of intense fatigue.

They simply cannot fathom keeping up with a blog for their business in addition to the million of other things they have to keep up with as a business owner. 

I thought the same way, too, for a long time.

But, what I didn't realize is how important and useful a blog can be for your business in so many ways! 

So, as a huge blog advocate today, I want to encourage and educate you on some beneficial, useful ways that a blog can grow your business.

Ready to do this?! Me too!

Five Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog

1. For Pinterest marketing.

Okay, so obviously, I am so, so partial to this first reason as a Pinterest Strategist. A blog can be crucial in captivating new customers or clients to click through from Pinterest and bring them to your website. 

Even if those customers or clients don't buy right at first, you've begun to develop the know, like, and...

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Let Your Story Guide You To Your Unique Calling With Ashley Stephenson, Story Photographers

This episode is not a how-to business episode. This episode of The Girl Inspired Project is a heart episode.

Meet my sweet friend and superb portrait, boudoir, and wedding photographer, Ashley Stephenson, of Story Photographers. Ashley has been in business almost fifteen years, so she has a lot to share and more importantly, she has lived through so many of the topics we discuss on this episode.

I'm partial to this episode for so many reasons. Mainly, Ashley has definitely shared some of her wisdom and advice (albeit, unintentionally) with me at times and it's made quite the impact on my business journey, too.

Ashley and I sit down and chat about:

  • The creation and journey of Story Photographers
  • How she picked the name of Story Photographers; it's a beautiful idea
  • How, as a business owner, you can remain truly authentic and vulnerable in front of your community
  • Ways to work through trauma and difficult seasons in a client interfacing industry; think divorce, death, and...
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7 Ways Tailwind Can Help You Grow Your Pinterest

I love Tailwind.

They are the only Pinterest management approved partner, so they work hand in hand with Pinterest to help you build your business on Pinterest more strategically and effectively.

I adore Tailwind so much that I require it with all of my clients (even if we start out with the free version and then upgrade to PRO).

That's what gave me the idea to write a blog post sharing to you guys how Tailwind can make such a different in utilizing Pinterest for growing your business. (And don't forget if you aren't quite yet using Pinterest For Your Business, pick up a copy of our free Power Up Your Pinterest Checklist today!)

If you are already convinced to join Tailwind and want to receive your first month free, click here. You'll get your first month of Pro free and I'll also receive a month free! 

Okay, now let's talk about all the way Tailwind can be a game changer when growing your Pinterest.

Seven Ways Tailwind Can Help Your Grow Your Pinterest

1. Instead of pinning...

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Resolve Trauma + Heal Your Energy To Level Up Your Business With Hanna Bier, Soulful Success Coach

This episode of The Girl Inspired Project is a very special one.

We often in our businesses think about growth, but usually we think, how can I make more money? How can I find more clients? How can I grow a bigger company? Not, how can I resolve my trauma and heal my energy to grow a happier, more joyful business?

That's what I talk about this week with Soulful Success Coach and energy healer, Hanna Bier. Hanna talks about her journey into energy healing, how she helps clients resolve trauma with her five step methodology, practical tips on how you can begin to heal your energy, and a lot more.

Get ready for this interview, because it is going to change your life.

You can listen to The Girl Inspired Project wherever you digest your podcasts or you can check out the episode here.

To learn more about Hanna or to connect with her, head to her website or find her on Instagram!

And if you loved the episode, tag us in your Instagram stories @thegirlinspiredproject, leave a five star...

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Setting Up A Pinterest Business Account (And Why You Need To!)

Love this post? Take your Pinterest a step further and download our Power Up Your Pinterest Checklist to help you fully optimize your Pinterest For Business Profile!

You probably read the title of this blog post and thought, "It can't be that hard to set up a Pinterest profile for my business."

And you'd be right.


I'm also going to share with you the important reasons why you need a Pinterest For Business account versus just a good old standard user account.

Sound good?

(And in the event that you want to get to the good stuff and read all about Why You Need A Pinterest For Business Account, just keep scrolling.)

First things first. 

If you are a business owner and you truly want to take advantage of Pinterest for business, then you will need a business account.


1. STEP ONE: Log into Pinterest. When you log in to Pinterest with an email, you will automatically be given a basic user account. 

In the example I am sharing below,...

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Five Tips To Make Your Social Media Content Go Further

Y'all, we spend so much time creating content and often times with social media algorithms and updates, only a very small portion of our audience actually sees it. 

So, today I want to get you five tips and tricks on how to make your content go a little bit further for you. This could be blog content, video, press, podcast episodes, or just posts that performed really well across our media channels.

(I elaborate upon this a bit more in my course Social Media Strategy Made Easy if you want more insight and help on managing media effectively for your business!)


1. Use popular, but relevant hashtags for your content on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but I still see a lot of businesses who use strictly viral hashtags (which means your content will be pushed down quickly and seen less) or irrelevant ones like #love, #happy, #business, #mood or no hashtags at all to promote their content.

How will...

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Hey friends!

If you weren't aware of my soft launch of Social Media Strategy Made Easy earlier this year (or if you don't receive our emails!), I've updated and moved this course over to Kajabi for my community!

I created Social Media Strategy Made Easy, because one of the main questions I get from my digital media clients is: "How do you make your social media look so good?" or "How do you do social media so well?"

The answer? Strategy.

Of course, it doesn't happen overnight.

This has been more than seven years (and four businesses) of learning, honing, testing, and experimenting with social media to see what works and what doesn't in the ever changing landscape of digital media.

Social Media Strategy Made Easy is the culmination of all of that knowledge and sharing the key elements that will work on media no matter how or when the algorithms change.

Some of the things discussed in the course are things like:

- Hosting a simple social media audit to see where your...

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