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Five Tips To Make Your Social Media Content Go Further

Y'all, we spend so much time creating content and often times with social media algorithms and updates, only a very small portion of our audience actually sees it. 

So, today I want to get you five tips and tricks on how to make your content go a little bit further for you. This could be blog content, video, press, podcast episodes, or just posts that performed really well across our media channels.

(I elaborate upon this a bit more in my course Social Media Strategy Made Easy if you want more insight and help on managing media effectively for your business!)


1. Use popular, but relevant hashtags for your content on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but I still see a lot of businesses who use strictly viral hashtags (which means your content will be pushed down quickly and seen less) or irrelevant ones like #love, #happy, #business, #mood or no hashtags at all to promote their content.

How will...

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Hey friends!

If you weren't aware of my soft launch of Social Media Strategy Made Easy earlier this year (or if you don't receive our emails!), I've updated and moved this course over to Kajabi for my community!

I created Social Media Strategy Made Easy, because one of the main questions I get from my digital media clients is: "How do you make your social media look so good?" or "How do you do social media so well?"

The answer? Strategy.

Of course, it doesn't happen overnight.

This has been more than seven years (and four businesses) of learning, honing, testing, and experimenting with social media to see what works and what doesn't in the ever changing landscape of digital media.

Social Media Strategy Made Easy is the culmination of all of that knowledge and sharing the key elements that will work on media no matter how or when the algorithms change.

Some of the things discussed in the course are things like:

- Hosting a simple social media audit to see where your...

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How To Build An Authentic Personal Brand with Kevin Kleitches, Kevin Titus Photo

As solopreneurs or service based businesses, many of us are the face behind our brand. But, in this day and age of stiff competition, comparison from social media, and digital overwhelm, it can be immensely difficult to stay true to ourselves, our business, and our brand's authentic voice.

On this episode of The Girl Inspired Project, I sat down with portrait and fashion photographer as well as creative consultant for personal brands, Kevin Kleitches, of Kevin Titus Photo to discuss just how he has built his own personal brand and taken that knowledge from the school of hard knocks to teach others to do the same!

Some of the things we talk about include:

  • How to set yourself apart when you are a personal brand and remain true to your authentic voice
  • Why educating your clients will put your business above others in your industry
  • How taking the extra step to inquire about your client's needs instead of just giving them a rate sheet and hoping they book you will help you...
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How To Batch Schedule Your Domain Pins With Tailwind

(I'm a huge believer in Tailwind, so I am including my Tailwind link below. If you join you'll receive a free month of Tailwind and I may receive a small commission, too!)

How To Batch Schedule Your Domain Pins With Tailwind

If you are like me and you use a platform where you aren't able to include multiple pins in a blog post without being too distracting, slowing down your site loading time, or having to hide them with special coding, then you'll have to go in and manually schedule out pins from your blog posts to be shared on Pinterest through Tailwind.

It's a simple process and will allow you to achieve the same result of having your pins seen on Pinterest.

(Of course, that means you'll still want to include one or two pins in your blog post, so that when people are reading it, they are still able to save pins from that post to their Pinterest.)




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How To Save Time Scheduling Your Pins To Tailwind

(I'm a huge believer in Tailwind, so I am including my Tailwind link below. If you join you'll receive a free month of Tailwind and I may receive a small commission, too!)

When I first started using Tailwind, I thought to myself, "How in the world am I going to pin enough content for a whole month this way?"

It seemed like it was going to take forever only being able to draft, queue, and schedule a few pins at a time. 

But, then I stumbled across a blog post (and I wish I had saved the link) that gave me a shortcut on how to pin and schedule pins to your Tailwind like lightning.

Thank you to the original blogger who posted that. You are a saint!

In essence, you can schedule out all of your pins for the month in just an hour or two.

In this post, I'm going to take you step by step and show you the easiest, quickest way you can schedule out pins from Pinterest with Tailwind without taking up all your time!

(In a separate post, I will show you how to batch pin pins from your own...

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Stay True To Your Purpose To Build A Successful Business with Kathy Howard of Kathy Howard Portrait

Kathy Howard is one of my business best friends and has been for such a long time. I've known her almost as long as her business has been around.

It has been such a tremendous pleasure to watch her develop and flourish as a portrait photographer and sit down to be able to learn the full story behind her brand and business.

In this episode, Kathy dishes on so many things:

  • How she listened to her intuition and turned this passion into a profitable, beautiful photography business
  • Ways shes thoughtfully, mindfully prepares and counters client objections / insecurities as a portrait photographer
  • What she feels makes her client's experience elevated and unique from other photographers
  • That the purpose of her business has always aligned how she runs her business; and that purpose is that her family comes first.
  • How she has been consistent in setting healthy boundaries with clients in order to provide a better client experience, but also stay true to her business purpose and life balance
  • And...
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How To Create A Powerful Pinterest Profile

As with anything of your digital presence online, a small business only has a few seconds to make a great impression on a potential customer before they move on to another brand or company.

What do your Pinterest profile say about your business?

Is your Pinterest profile on brand? Do you have an updated logo or profile photo? Are your boards relevant to your business or things that you like to pin personally (we will talk more about that later!)? Did you set up your featured boards? Do your boards have descriptions with relevant keywords telling your follower, customer, or client about each board? And the like?

Let's break it down bit by bit.


You'd be surprised, but a lot of business owners have their own personal name for Pinterest accounts.

If you are your business, then your name is fine, but you'll want to take it a step further.

For instance, if you are Sara Smith and you are a marketing guru for women in business, then your name might look something like this on...

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Tune Into Your Internal Business Dialogue To Avoid Big Mistakes with Megan Gillikin, A Southern Soiree

Megan Gillikin is a fellow podcast friend. I happened to hear an episode of Wedding's For Real where Megan interviewed a dear friend of mine, and I just loved her podcast voice, the way she interviewed, and all of the business information she just gifts to wedding vendors after all of her many years of business experience. And then she reached out to me via email -- it was kismet!

As I listened back to our episode during the editing process, I felt grateful for Megan taking the time to sit down with me on The Girl Inspired Project because she gets real, honest, and down to the nitty gritty.

In one hour, Megan dishes on all of the following:

  • How she took over A Southern Soiree, but made the mistake of not asking more questions or diving further into the business before taking the reigns
  • Ways Megan manages overwhelm and prevents burnout in her business (and a key tip on checking in to see how you are doing in your business!)
  • Important advice on the hiring process / adding to...
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The Beauty + Business Of Opening A Brick + Mortar With Tracy Trellis, Trellis Beauty

Clean beauty will always be close to my heart. After all, it was my main focus as a makeup artist before clean beauty was cool. 

So, this episode brings together one of my favorite loves with one of my favorite people and fellow business owners, Tracy Trellis with Trellis Beauty!

Trellis Beauty is equal parts innovative, inspiring, and impactful. In everything they do, Trellis Beauty hopes to educate their customers in someway, not just make a sale. Whether you are looking to clean up your beauty routine, take care of your skin, learn a makeup technique, or find a new cult favorite product, Trellis is there for you every step of the way.

In other words, the experience you get at Trellis Beauty is unlike any other makeup shopping experience I've ever encountered.

From constantly testing out and trying new brands, to reducing waste and the impact of beauty waste on the environment, all the way to changing the way women think about their beauty products, Trellis is truly making...

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Reduce Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout In Your Business

I've had many, many conversations over the past year about business overwhelm.

Some days it seems our to do lists are endless, we can't catch up, and feel bogged down by the constant weight of running, managing, and growing a successful small business.

The words anxiety, stress, and fatigue are used again and again.

Some women exclaim that they feel like quitting, that they've lost their original purpose, or that they want to do something different all together (like I did). 

Reflecting on these conversations and my own experience, I realized there is a deep need for opening up dialogue about how we can reduce the business stress, anxiety, and prevent or avoid burnout. 

I wrote "Endless: A Story Of Entrepreneurial Burnout And Practical Knowledge On Preventing It In Your Business" for you, dear friend, because I am passionate on working together to lead more joyful, inspired businesses.

Most importantly, I don't want you to ever experience what I did when I burned out in my...

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