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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest For Your Business

Dec 12, 2019
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Okay, Let's get down to business today, friend.

The most common thing I hear from business owners is:

"How can Pinterest actually help me grow my business?"


"Why is Pinterest relevant to me so that I should spend time on it?"

Well, that's what we are going to dig in to today.


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Here are "Five Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest For Your Business":

1. SEO

Pinterest works like Google; thus, it is a search engine. Any effort that you put into building your business effectively on Pinterest is going to double your SEO benefits across the web through the keywords, phrases, and hashtags you use relevant to your brand or business.

In other words, Pinterest can help you dramatically increase your digital visibility on the platform, but also across the internet.


Did you know that the half life of a pin is 3.5 months? THREE AND A HALF MONTHS.

Where as the half life of a tweet is 18 minutes and the half life of a Facebook post is about ninety minutes.

That means the effort you put into producing and publishing a pin works 1,600 times harder for you than something you add to social media.

Additionally, pins popularity increase across the platform even after being pinned, so your pins will have the benefit of being re-pinned, saved, and clicked long after the pin is published. Not to mention, their is always potential for a pin to go viral months or years after it's pinned simply due to interest. Pretty neat, right?!


Because of the SEO capabilities of Pinterest along with Pinterest Smart Feed algorithms (it's really smart), Pin Savvy Co is being seen and heard by thousands of people I may not have otherwise been able to reach.

My content, products, and services all have seen major growth in the minimal seven months (as of this writing) that I have been in business.

In the same line of thought, my Pinterest profile page is an extension of my brand and quite possible the first impression people have with Pin Savvy Co. Because it's well designed and on-brand, it also provides an opportunity to entice pinners to my content, boards, pins, and business.

All in all -- I've been able to grow my business (email list, leads, sales, etc) doubly in a short amount of time than if I hadn't been using Pinterest.



If you've been around these parts for any length of time then you know that I talk a lot about how business owners either don't use Pinterest for business, they don't use it correctly, or they use it but not in an advantageous way.

Let me say this, because a lot of business owners still haven't jumped on the Pinterest marketing band wagon -- it gives certain industries, brands, and businesses an extremely heavy competitive advantage.

Through my research, I have seen bloggers, boutiques, makeup artists, YouTubers, photographers, and many other businesses that took Pinterest by the horns and are killin' it in their field versus their competitors.

Their simple secret: GOOD. OLE. PINTEREST.


Say you pin a new product. That pin gets lots of love in the form of re-pins and link clicks.

Sally, Sarah, and Sandra all decide to buy your product. None of them are previous customers. 

Sally joins your email list. Sarah purchases another product a few weeks from now. Sandra shares the product with all her friends.

In this silly, but likely scenario, Pinterest gives you new eyes, readers, and potential customers on your products, services, or content and that ability to grow more quickly than with other digital marketing platforms.

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