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5 Time Saving Tips For Pinning To Pinterest

Dec 30, 2019


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This post does contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclosure policy for more information on our affiliate policy.

Five Time Saving Tips To Use When Pinning To Pinterest

I love things that make life and business so much easier, don't you?!

So, in my market research (from you guys!) for my upcoming course launch there was a huge trend that stood out among all of the other information.

When it comes to managing your Pinterest marketing and strategy for business, you feel like you don’t have enough time.  On this post today, I wanted to give you time back in your business through some of the key tips, tricks, hacks, and insights I use to save time as a Pinterest professional and marketer for myself and my clients.

Ready to save time?! Here we go! 

  • CREATE MULTIPLE TEMPLATES FOR PINS IN ADVANCE. (Otherwise known as batching your work!)

When I first started pinning, I was creating one pin for a piece of content, pinning it, and then going on my way.

As I've grown in my Pinterest expertise, I learned this was a very time consuming and invaluable to approach it.

Now, I create multiple templates for one piece of content or several pins for one product. For a blog post, I might create about 15-20 templates (I use 2-3 in this post to give you an example of what I mean!).

These templates are created in advance (I use Canva), so whenever I have a new piece of content or digital product to promote, I change the wording, the background imagery, font size (if needed), and adjust the overall aesthetic until it feels right.

By doing this, especially for your evergreen content, you are creating a series of pins you can uses for months instead of having to create new pins each time you are filling up your Tailwind queue. Not only, but your pins maintain a consistent look and feel that pinners can immediately identify on Pinterest.

For your seasonal content, I recommend maybe creating 8-10 because you are only using those for a shorter period of time, so you don't need as many until the next year when you pin the seasonal content again (by then you'll create a new series of templates for them).

Psst... love this post? Be sure to pin it to Pinterest, so you can reference it easily later and share with your community!


The time saving hack that I love the most and I have to sincerely thank Melyssa Griffin, fellow entrepreneur and Pinterest all star, for telling me all about a content tracker for my Pinterest content.

What is a content tracker you ask? 

It's exactly what it sounds like. I am able to include the name of the post, product, or whatever it is I want to promote, URL post, title of the pin (for Tailwind), pin descriptions (yes, mutiple, about 4-5), and any associated words / hashtags.

When I go back to pin pins to Pinterest in Tailwind, I just copy, paste, and schedule. 

It saves me all the time in the world and I can get back to working on other projects in my business rather than spending all day with Tailwind.

I hope to have one of these up for sale that you can purchase easily instead of taking all the time to make one on your own, because they can be time consuming. Stay tuned for that! 


You should be able to pin most of your products, pins, and/or content (whatever you are pinning!) to almost all of your boards.

Yes, let me say that again:

You should be able to pin most of your products, pins, and/or content to almost all of your boards.

When you are adding content and pins to your queue, it’s going to help you save time in scheduling pins because the more boards you have the more pins you can pin to those boards without looking spammy. To give you an idea, I pin about eighteen to twenty times a day or about 500 times a month. If I can pin one piece of content to ten boards, that's ten less pins per month to schedule.

500 pins per month / 10 pins per post/product = 50 pieces of content / products you have to pin versus pinning one pin for 500 pieces of content (sounds exhausting, right?!).

In other words, it helps to fill up your queue and spend less time creating or finding pins to fill out your schedule.

With the increased number of pins, you gain more exposure on that content or those product pins, an increased opportunity for the pins to perform well, the ability fill out your boards, and make Pinterest happy by pinning!

NOTE: Be sure to only pin relevant pins to relevant boards, though, we still have to maintain quality and strategy with our Pinterest marketing. Pinterest will knock you down for pinning the same content with the same descriptions to boards again and again or for pinning not relevant content / pins to irrelevant boards.


One of the main ways you will have major time-saving success with Pinterest is to create content or pin products that people are actually searching for or that they want. 

You can do this by performing a keyword search with relevant phrases or words in reference to your brand, business, or industry.

For me, I'd search: Pinterest marketing, pinning, growing your business with Pinterest, digital marketing, online business, Pinterest management, etc. 

Pulling relevant keywords that coincide with my search is going to give me an idea of the content or products people are looking for in regard to Pinterest marketing.

Do yourself a favor and before you start pinning pins or creating content to pin on Pinterest that people want to read what you have to say or buy your products. Otherwise, you are going to be working so hard to figure out your Pinterest strategy when in reality, your business may not be the right fit for Pinterest or the content you were putting out there didn't entice people.

In addition to saving time with building your strategy, this tip is going to help you grow faster on Pinterest. With high performing content or interesting products, pinners are more likely to save your pins, click through, or buy your products. 

Sounds like a win-win to me!


I use Tailwind for my Pinterest marketing and that of my clients because it has some great features and advantages versus just bulk scheduling pins directly on Pinterest.

SmartLoop is really neat in that you can set up your top performing pins, products, or content in loops to automatically be added to your pinning schedule / queue and to be shared over and over again without putting any hands on it again.

I love this time saving hack, because with the loop you set up and the data Tailwind crawls from your account, you are re-pinning top content when it’s most beneficial, and not spamming your account by pinning the same content too much.

SmartLooping helps to fill out your schedule and your queue, shares your top performing content, so it continues to work for you, and saves you from having to continuously write or create new content. 

And that's that!

Those are not all of the time saving hacks I utilize in my own Pinterest marketing, but they certainly are a really good start and I hope you find them to be super helpful. 

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