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CLIENT CASE STUDY: The Root Collective

Nov 02, 2019
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I started working with The Root Collective to manage their Pinterest account in July of 2019.

Upon getting started, they already had an established Pinterest presence and previously worked with a Pinterest management firm.

But, surprisingly, the traffic and conversions still weren't there.

So, I'm going to go through key strategies and walk through metrics of how we've worked through and build out their Pinterest successfully.


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Upon speaking further with the client, traffic is always great, but the ultimate goal is to increase conversions by obtaining sales.


The Root Collective is a luxury shoe brand featuring ethically made, leather boots, sandals, flats, and bags. The products provide sustainable employment for artisans in Guatemala.


For every client, I use a myriad of major and minor techniques to grow their Pinterest, but for the sake of time, I'll focus on the top three that worked best for this client particularly.

1. Clean pin design with eye catching product taglines.

The Root Collective has beautiful lifestyle and product imagery. The product pins didn't perform well on their own, but when we came up with brand forward, intriguing product (see below) tag lines, it grabbed people's attention.

We created up to fifteen different pin variations, but the versions you see below were some of the top performing pins. Obviously, it's the bold, easy to read text, gorgeous product imagery, and clean design that draws people in.

2. Smartlooping in Tailwind.

The use of Smartloop into The Root Collective's strategy didn't come until just a couple of weeks ago because through all of their product and lifestyle imagery, we had weeks and weeks of content to pin. It's important to note, however, that once we emptied the queue of all of their pins, I opted to specifically in blog content and product pins with text (see examples below; also note higher performing views).

This means that each pin scheduled in their queue has been designed and strategized by Pin Savvy Co. This has made a significant impact in the growth of views and engaged, because each pin has a specific purpose versus pinning photos of pretty products.

Most of their products are able to be worn through the seasons, so I've got multiple loops currently re-pinning top performing products and blog content. The seasonal loops will run through January while the rest of the loops will be year round. 

In the time we've been using Smartloop, I've seen an increase of 6K views in one week. 



3. Keyword and hashtag audit and use.

Because The Root Collective is a fashion brand and women's fashion is one of the top performing / most popular pins and topics on Pinterest, I knew I had to stand out among the millions and millions of pins and brand across the platform.

I used a wide variety of fashion keywords and hashtags related more specifically to ethical, slow, and handmade fashion.

Some of the keywords I focus on and use are: ethically made, handmade, ethical fashion, slow fashion, women's fashion, leather boots, ankle boots, high quality, comfortable, leather, statement, versatile, and many more.

The main hashtags I use are: #ethicalfashion #ethicalshoes #leatherboots #ankleboots #womensshoes #balletflats #flats #womensfashion #ethicallymade #consciousconsumer #purchasewithpurpose among others.


Now, let's take a look at some of the analytics and how the platform has grown in the three months we've been working together.


At the inset of working with The Root Collective, their monthly views were hovering around 9K views per month. A sizeable portion of their pins, however, were pins from other pinners and users with a small portion of their own URL-verified pins being re-pinned, saved, and clicked on.

As of the writing of this blog post, three months into working together, The Root Collective's views now sit at around 26K views per month with a significant portion of their own pins being re-pinned, saved, and clicked on.

Remember, views are just overall views on all of a pinner's pins. This doesn't necessarily measure how successful an account is, because there are other metrics to consider.


The number of engaged users (which is really the key metric we want to pay attention to other than traffic and conversions) has increased from 280 engaged users to 544 engaged users (+262).

A side note about engagement, though, this number does tend to fluctuate with any account and in my time working with The Root Collective has been as high as 716 engaged users (+436) per month.


The Root Collective's follower base has increased from 1383 followers to 1537 followers (+154) averaging 50 new followers a month.


Last year, The Root Collective had 396 sessions from Pinterest for the entire twelve month time span.

In the three months we've been working together, we've had 366 sessions from Pinterest.

In other words, on an upwards trajectory, we've already quadrupled potential referral traffic in the time we've been working together.

This, of course, I am re-affirming by the fact that our pins (from the Smartlooping example I used above) are gaining us consistently over 1-2K views per day. 

(NOTE: This says 'Viewing Pin Savvy Co' but that's because I've linked my ad account to The Root Collective's profile.)

Again, as our pins continue to populate via SEO and be re-looped for maximum visibility, views and traffic are only set to increase.


 As I mentioned at the outset of this post, before we started managing The Root Collective's Pinterest, they had never had a single sale (that they could track) from a direct link from Pinterest.

Shopify helps them to track their conversions from Pinterest directly.

In the first thirty days of working together, we had five sales totaling almost $800.

While I believe the conversion rate is slightly higher, it's hard to know a customer came from Pinterest if they didn't come back through the platform to click through the pin they saved, re-pinned, etc, and then purchase.

Either way, as we've grown the platform significantly in three months, I am certain with the implementation of ads, Smartloop, and engaging product pins, our conversions will increase with the holiday shopping.


I've recently implemented a series of holiday ads for The Root Collective beginning the date of this writing. 

I'm interested to see with the ad budget the performance on these pins over the next seven days and will update this post upon the completion of that campaign.

Additionally, I did elect to test a Promoted Pin campaign a few weeks ago with no more success than an increase in traffic to their website. Hopefully, the ads will have more success.


The Root Collective has a unique product placement on Pinterest. Their ideal client is on Pinterest and looking to buy, but I find that our pins and SEO need a bit longer to populate to get our strategy growing more exponentially to continue to increase traffic and sales.

We will continue to build out their blog content (which has better referral traffic) and design enticing product pins.

Overall, we feel that The Root Collective will continue to have great success on Pinterest even in the months and years to come.





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