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Do I Need A Blog To Use Pinterest Marketing For Business?

Jan 13, 2020
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I would say the most frequently asked question I get from business owners about Pinterest marketing is this: 

Don't I Need A Blog To Be Successful On Pinterest?

The short answer is not necessarily, but let me explain! 

Pinterest thrives on fresh, new content. 

What does that mean you ask?

That means that if you don't have a blog, you need to have a ton of other imagery / content to pin to Pinterest. this post? Be sure to save it to Pinterest for reference later or to share with your awesome pinning community!

One of my students is a wedding and events planner. She doesn't have a blog, but what she does have is a massive portfolio. Each event she does, she dedicates an entire album on her website to that event, which means she has thousands of images she can be pinning to Pinterest without a blog.

I also have a client that is a paper bead jewelry designer. She specializes in making YouTube tutorials on paper bead making, so her main focus is driving people from Pinterest to her YouTube channel (as well as to her website). Technically, her "blog" is just her YouTube videos shared in a blog roll format.

I have seen people have massive success on Pinterest without a blog or website just by being an affiliate marketer.

I also have heard of and seen podcasters using Pinterest to drive listenership to their podcast. I've done the same for my own podcast, The Girl Inspired Project.

If you are a product based business that has lots of products and product imagery to pin, you don't need a blog.


Let me shift your perspective on this.

Pinterest thrives on fresh, new content right? 


A blog is an opportunity to do THREE KEY THINGS in your business:


1. Provide more value to your customer / client

A blog is a chance to answer questions, show off a product's features, provide helpful information on a certain topic, give inspiration, teach something, solidify yourself as an expert, and more.

With writing and maintaining a blog consistently, you continue to serve your audience even when you aren't in a selling phase.

As they say, a customer usually needs at least six touch points with your business to make a sale. The value your blog provides can be one of those positive touch points!

2. Build the know-like-trust factor with a cold lead

Usually, the leads coming from Pinterest are warm leads. They go to Pinterest, search for something specific, and voila click through to your site.

But that doesn't mean they are entirely sold on your business, brand, or product just yet.

But, through serving them with the high-quality content you create, you are working to build a customer base of raving fans, who recognize that when they need help with something or need a question answered, they can refer to your helpful blog at any time.

3. Diversify what you are pinning to Pinterest.

This is especially important for product / e-commerce businesses. Sometimes it can be hard to get your products to stand out on Pinterest, but a helpful, education rich blog can get people to your site where you can then link / share more about your products.

By writing content, creating helpful videos, or recording audio, you can create pins surrounding all of that to promote on Pinterest. This is also a great way to build multiple income streams and passive income channels.


In the end, I want you to re-think about the way you think of a blog for your business (and for using Pinterest) as more than this exhaustive thing to manage and maintain. It can benefit your business in so many ways that I talk about here including excelling on Pinterest.

Remember, anything you want to promote or share -- you can do so on Pinterest.


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