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Five Important Facts To Know About Pinterest Marketing

Dec 02, 2019

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Okay, Pin Savvy community! LISTEN UP. 

This blog post is so, so, so important before you take the time, money, and energy investment into Pinterest marketing for your small business.

So, I am dishing:

Five Important Facts To Know (And Understand!) About Pinterest Marketing For Your Small Business

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Let's go ahead and get that one out of the way. 

I see it touted all the time from other Pinterest managers that they can grow your business in a short amount of time on Pinterest.

In reality, they can make your Pinterest grow significantly in a short amount of time.

There's a huge difference between the two! 

But, to get those referrals, leads, and conversions, because Pinterest works like a search engine (think Google) and not a social media site, it can take months for your content, pins, and products to really take off on Pinterest (unless you are a Pinterest unicorn!).

Do you get on the first page of Google from day one? Not usually.

So, Pinterest works, but be patient, consistent, and give it a little bit more time. 


If you are consistently adding new product pins or content pins across Pinterest and you build up a wealth of your own pins, then overtime, you will accrue a ton more visibility due to the sheer volume of pins you have on your account (as long as they are optimizied with keywords and hastags).

I currently, as of the writing of this post, have about 1.5K pins on my account. Imagine if I did a search for Pinterest marketing a year from now when I have double that, it is way more likely that my content will populate in most search results because of the broad range of content I have about Pinterest plus the number of pins.

So, add pins, upload new pins, create pins -- all of your own stuff and keep building the number of pins to increase visibility across the platform over time.


I've noticed that there are Pinterest virtual assistants or other professionals, who take every client that walks through the door no matter if Pinterest works for them or not. 

I get it -- it can be really hard to say no to business, HOWEVER:

There are so many variables that will determine the success of your business on Pinterest, it's important to do a bit more research before you commit to Pinterest marketing. Some of these variables include: the popularity of your industry on Pinterest, the interest in your product, the quality of your content or products, and your specific business among others (i.e. the time you invest, volume of pinning, etc.)

This is where hiring a Pinterest professional for a consult or management company will come in hand to give you a better idea whether it will work or not for you and your business.


You've heard me say it, so I'll say it again: Pinterest not only loves fresh, new content, so you'll have to be pinning your blog content or products consistently. 

Pinterest also loves when you follow new people, interact within the platform, re-pin other people's content, and the like.

In other words, for it to work effectively, Pinterest cannot be a half-hearted marketing strategy. It needs you dedicated attention consistently that can be a huge absorption of your time and energy, so be ready for that.


Last, but probably the most important, if you are creating things that aren't popular on Pinterest or that people aren't searching for -- it's going to be very difficult to grow your business with Pinterest marketing. 

I always recommend businesses and brands do some keyword research  on how their industry, business, or product will do on Pinterest before they undergo the huge undertaking that is Pinterest marketing for small business. 

Also, make sure your product is one that will provide value in some way to your clients or that your content is helpful, answers a question, or solves a problem for your audience. 

This tidbit is how you are going to get real results on Pinterest or drive your marketing efforts elsewhere if Pinterest isn't ideal for you.

Okay, so are you ready to get started with Pinterest marketing?

We've got more helpful articles and resources on the blog, a full YouTube channel brimming with Tailwind and Pinterest tutorials and how tos, as well as our free Pin Proficient Masterclass, which guides you through the exact step-by-step method of how we draft, create, and schedule pins with Tailwind.

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