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How To Create A Powerful Pinterest Profile

Jul 01, 2019

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As with anything of your digital presence online, a small business only has a few seconds to make a great impression on a potential customer before they move on to another brand or company.

What do your Pinterest profile say about your business?

Is your Pinterest profile on brand? Do you have an updated logo or profile photo? Are your boards relevant to your business or things that you like to pin personally (we will talk more about that later!)? Did you set up your featured boards? Do your boards have descriptions with relevant keywords telling your follower, customer, or client about each board? And the like?

Let's break it down bit by bit.

How To Create A Powerful Pinterest Profile


You'd be surprised, but a lot of business owners have their own personal name for Pinterest accounts.

If you are your business, then your name is fine, but you'll want to take it a step further.

For instance, if you are Sara Smith and you are a marketing guru for women in business, then your name might look something like this on Pinterest: 



Or if you are a blogger named Jane Green, then your name might look something like this:

Jane Green | Health, Wellness, + Fitness Blogger
Jane Green | Clean Beauty Blogger
Jane Green | Fashion + Style Blog

And last, but not least, we are going to use my friend and client's boutique as an example throughout this post. 

You'll see that Koket Boutique is a women's fashion boutique. Their name is listed as Koket Boutique | Women's Fashion Boutique, which tells you their name, what the are, and utilizes keywords customers would be searching for like 'boutique' 'women's,' and 'fashion.'

You only get sixty five characters, so use them wisely and make sure to incorporate keywords people would be searching for, so you profile will populate in search results both on Pinterest and Google.


Your main photo is the first thing people see (other than your name) on Pinterest. 

If you are the face of your brand, do you have a clear, hi resolution photo of yourself? Is the photo representative of your brand feel or aesthetic or is it a dark, grainy, off centered cell phone photo?

If your brand is more about what you do or what you make, then likely you'll have a professional logo as your profile picture on Pinterest. But make sure the logo isn't chopped off, it's centered in the frame, and matches your brand colors, design, and fonts.

As you can see Koket Boutique has a great profile photo. The profile image is their logo, it's on brand, and matches their overall aesthetic, colors, and logos. It's fully centered and when you see the notable 'k' of Koket, you know you've found the right shop.


When working with client's, I love choosing the cover imagery, because Pinterest gives you a lot of possibilities on what you could feature in part of your business or brand.

If you are a product based business, perhaps you elect to choose a board with 'New Arrivals' so all of your current, most notable products are highlighted across your cover. Or you could have a board with all of your products as your Pinterest cover option.

If you are a service based business, you could elect to choose a brand board with imagery that aligns with the aesthetic feel of your brand or if you're like me, you could select a board, which features all of your most recent content (i.e. blog posts).

If you're a designer, artist, fashion blogger, photographer, etc, you could have a board that features your work in photos that all link back to your site, but that are extremely visually captivating to your audience.

Or if you have a personal Pinterest, you can elect to have a board full of visual imagery you love and that looks pretty.

You get the idea, but overall, keep it on brand and visually beautiful for your potential customers and clients coming to your profile page.


As with Koket Boutique, these cover photos are all recent and current arrivals to the shop, so when people are searching for women's current fashions, shoppers can immediately see what's available. If something pulls their interest, that may lead to a sale, sharing content, re-pinning, or more website traffic. All of those are great your business!


Your profile description on Pinterest should describe these three things:

1. What You Do / Sell

2. Who You Serve

3. Call To Action

If you take a look above at my profile description, you'll see that I 'help femalepreneurs (the who) with Pinterest marketing and implementation (what I do).' 

Last, but not least, I ask my community to download my free Pinterest Tip Sheet at the link provided (call to action).

A call to action in your profile will encourage people to shop now, check out your work, join your email list--whatever it is that you want them to do, include it in your profile.


What do you want people to see immediately when they come to your business profile? Your products? Your work? Or your recent content?

This is where featured boards come in.

Pinterest allows you to choose five boards for featured content.

The very first board should be what you want to see first. For Koket Boutique as used in the example's above, their first featured board is new arrivals. This removes any barriers for women trying to find their newest fashions in their shop.

My very first featured board on Pinterest is This does two things, it tells people my website information and promotes all the content currently available on my website.

The rest of my boards are all relevant to my ideal client and my business.

I also have currently set as featured boards:

My Pinterest board, which is my business niche meaning there are a lot of blog posts and articles relating to that written by myself as well as other professionals. 

The Girl Inspired Project, which is my podcast and shares pins from each podcast episode.

A business marketing board, which helps small business owners to find meaningful, creative, and digital ways to market their business. This board falls in line with my niche as a marketing professional, so it is something my customers, clients, and consumers would be interested in.

And last, but not least, a small business featured board, which has helpful tools, resources, and education for small business owners.

As you can see, my featured boards are not all mine per se, but they all fall in line with what my customers or ideal client are looking for, but my content shows up first and foremost. 


Location isn't the end all be all for a Pinterest profile, that is unless, you are in a specific, searchable location, a brick and mortar, or that you service a particular area only. And in those cases, it's extremely important.

For SEO and location purposes, I do think it is a good idea to put in your location, but depending on your business model/type it is entirely up to you. All in all, it can only help your business, not hinder it. 


 Last, but very not least, it's vital to your Pinterest success to claim your website. Pinterest ranks your pins based on a variety of factors including the quality of your domain name. 

As you can see above, I have claimed as my domain name, which helps to qualify my profile on Pinterest as a quality one, thus, improving my overall ranking and searchability on Pinterest.

If you don't have a website yet or Pinterest thinks your website is spam or low quality (if it's not claimed), then you will have more difficulty with your content showing up across Pinterest.

And there you have it! Those seven insights will help you to have an impactful, powerful Pinterest profile. 

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