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Pinterest Tips + Tricks For Bloggers

Jan 13, 2020

(Hey Pinner! Before, we get started, don't forget you can gain access to our free Pinterest Masterclass, Pin Proficient -- a step-by-step class on how to create, draft, and schedule pins on Pinterest from a Pinterest pro. Go get it right now!) this post? Be sure to save it to Pinterest for reference later or to share with your awesome pinning community!

1. Include Pinterest pins throughout your post

You know who the bloggers are that are killin' it -- the ones that are using Pinterest effectively for their business as well as those who create their graphics / pins with Pinterest in mind.

Horizontal or Square images throughout your post just don't stand out as much as standard sized pins do. 

I recommend to include a few Pinterest pins throughout your post that pinners can save and pin. You want to give people a lot of options. They may prefer one graphic over another.

Check out a few of my other posts for examples of this:

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Remember, people need to see things sometimes seven times before they are ready to save, share, buy, etc.

If you are on a platform like Wordpress and Squarespace you can also hide pins, so that when a pinner clicks on your save button certain Pinterest images only pop up when someone goes to pin. This is helpful if you want to provide Pinterest worthy graphics to pinners, but you don't want to clog up your gorgeous post with tons of graphics.

2. Enable your Pinterest Save button

With Squarespace, you have to enable a Pinterest save button. This is the little icon that pops up in the left hand corner allowing someone on your site to save a piece of content to Pinterest.

I imagine with other platforms like Wordpress, ShowIt, Wix, etc, you'll also have to go in an enable your save button.

If a pinner doesn't have the Pinterest button for their browser and your Pinterest Save button is not enabled, they won't be able to pin that content. This is worst case scenario, but I'm sure it does happen! 

Also, and most importantly, the images that are saved directly from your website rank higher than those pinned to Pinterest from say Tailwind. 

So, in other words, we want to encourage our referral traffic to save away on our content and products!

3. Add a call to action above each pin

Even as a frequent Pinterest user, I sometimes forget that I can save things to Pinterest. Ridiculous, am I right?

So, above all of my pins, I write a little blurb that says:

Psst... love this post? Be sure to save it to Pinterest to reference later or share with your awesome pinning community!

This is gentle reminder that, hey, friend, if you love this content, do me a favor and spread the word! 

It doesn't hurt to encourage people to pin. Like I mentioned before, pins saved directly from our URL by pinners ranks higher being pinned from Pinterest or Tailwind.


4. Sprinkle your lead generator or freebie throughout the post

See the graphic above tip number four? That's what I mean by sprinkling your lead generator throughout your post (beginning, middle, and end)!

I don't know what your business goals are, but I would imagine as a food or fashion blogger that you need to connect with your audience when a new post goes live, you launch a product, want to share an announcement, promote those affiliate links, and bring traffic back to your site.

One great way to do that is to grow that email list through Pinterest and referral traffic! (And if you aren't using an email list yet, check out my 7 Reasons You Should Be Using Email Marketing For Your Business post!)

Can you offer some kind of free style guide or grocery checklist? Any piece of content you want to promote to get people to opt-in to your list! 

Because people have to see a minimum of six to seven touchpoints on something, you want to promote your freebie aka lead generator where possible (and especially throughout your blog posts!).

This post is a great example, because you'll notice, I'm promoting my free Pinterest masterclass at the beginning, middle, and end! 

5. Save your content to multiple relevant boards

You work hard to write and create your content.

With that being said, as a content creator aka business on Pinterest, all of the boards on your profile should be relevant to what you write about.

The reason for this is so that you can share your posts / content / products, etc to the majority of those boards.

Most bloggers pin one post to one board and leave it alone. That will ensure almost no visibility (and leave you wondering why you aren't growing!).

Instead, pin one pin to multiple relevant boards.

As an example, this post is the core topic I write about, so when I go to pin the pins for this post, it will go live to twelve different boards.

Twelve pins is a lot more visibility than one pin, am I right?

So, go back to your boards and see where you can improve performance by creating more boards relevant to your blog you can pin your posts to. this post? Be sure to save it to Pinterest for reference later or to share with your awesome pinning community!


6. Make sure your descriptions are written within the post.

Worpress, Wix, and Squarespace allow you to include descriptions for your graphics, so that when those images are pinned to Pinterest from your blog, your description is included along with it.

If your pins have no description, title, or URL, they aren't going anywhere on Pinterest and no one can find them.

In short, a description tells Pinterest how to index that pin, who to show it to, and what it's all about.

Descriptions are SEO gold and should include relevant keywords to your blog as well as that piece of content. 


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