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3 Pinterest Business Marketing Tactics To Avoid

Jan 13, 2020
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Three Pinterest Business Marketing Tactics To Avoid

Pinterest is a very smart algorithm. It knows exactly when you are trying to 'beat' the system. It also understands your business best as an intelligent search engine better than you might.

With that being said, here are a few Pinterest marketing tactics to avoid when using Pinterest to grow your business online.

1. Keyword Stuffing.

I watched some YouTube video recently and the woman was explaning how she gets on the first page of Pinterest with her content.

At first I was all in. The information she was sharing, I found, was helpful in understanding how Pinterest works.

And then we got to the very end, where she shares sort of the secret recipe and sauce of how it's done.

Keyword stuffing.

Listen, this video was a couple of years old. Pinterest has innovated a lot since then and what used to work may not work any longer.

Pinterest now will knock you down, so to speak, if you are keyword stuffing (otherwise known as spamming) your descriptions.

For me, keyword stuffing does not a strategy make even if it does get you on the first page of Pinterest; What is the old adage they say:

"Those who rise fastest fall the furthest."

You can still be found on Pinterest (and in tandem, Google!) even if you write beautiful, conversational descriptions.

Otherwise, Pinterest will view you as spamming the site, which may lead to being blocked or deleted altogether.

Err on the side of safety, and please, please, please for my sanity and yours, don't keyword stuff.


2. Flowery / Poetic Jargon.

This tactic isn't necessarily a bad thing and Pinterest won't penalize you for it; however, because Pinterest is a highly technical search engine, flowery or poetic board names, titles, or keywords don't fit into how people will actually search for your content.

For instance, say I have a board called: 

"My Business Content"

And users are actually searching for:

"Tips For Pinterest Marketing For Business"

My board 'My Business Content' is a lot less likely to populate in search results, because as a Pinterest strategist and manager, none of my relevant keywords are in the board title. Make sense?

So, while the flowery jargon on your boards might be aesthetically pleasing to your brand, it is not how people search for things on Pinterest.

Make sure that your titles, boards, and descriptions use keywords and phrases that pinners are searching for, otherwise, you'll have a very hard time getting your content and products found on the platform. this post? Be sure to save it to Pinterest for reference later or to share with your awesome pinning community!


3. Spamming Group Boards / Tribes.

 I am a firm believer in community over competition. I think that when one of us does well, we can use that advantage to help everyone else.

The same goes for Group Boards / Tailwind Tribes. Don't be that one person who spams the boards and doesn't take the time to share anyone else's content.

A couple of things will likely happen:

You will get kicked out of either the Group Boards or Tribes and have to spend more time finding valuable, active ones to join. 

You will upset members of either the Group Board or Tribe meaning they won't want to share your content any longer (I've totally seen this happen!); thus, removing the benefit of being in the Group Board or Tribe in the first place.

You can get flagged, which means you might get removed from Pinterest if enough people complain, which defeats the whole purpose of what you were trying to achieve, right?

All in all, be the supportive fellow pinner and re-pin other people's content, too. I promise people will take notice and you'll gain much more from it.


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