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Top Trends For Pinterest 2020

Dec 26, 2019

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The topic at hand today is Pinterest trends for 2020.

Every year Pinterest releases this lovely thing called the Pinterest 100, which outlines data on emerging trends, topics, and searches from the past year as well as for the New Year.

The reason this is so important as a business owner is that it gives you audience insight what people are interested in, what they are buying, what they are looking for, their lifestyle, etc. 

Not only that, but based on the information and data collected, it helps me to plan my Pinterest pinning strategy accordingly and for that of my clients. If there is a specific topic or idea that's really catching fire then I want to hone in on those keywords, content, and topics on Pinterest. 

As the Pinterest 100 does summarize trends into ten major categories, for the sake of time, as well as the length of this blog post for you, I'm going to share the six that stood out to me in terms of interests of my community, my clients, my own business, and that of other business owners, who I know follow me. 

If by chance you want to dig into these further, you can actually go to Pinterest yourself and read all of the major Pinterest trends for 2020 at their website. By the way, these aren't in any particular order!



    First, and this comes as no surprise to me given some of the clients I’ve been working with recently as well as some of my own values: conscious consumption. Trending searches in the areas of low-waste living, eco-friendly product swaps, thrifted home decor, thrifted wedding dresses, secondhand fashion, low waste weddings, and thrift store crafts.

    I am aware of dozens of businesses that fall into this arena, so if this is you, Pinterest marketing and 2020 could work so well for you. Send me an email to get started!


    A second major emerging topic on Pinterest for 2020 is finding balance in our lives. As an entrepreneur, I can totally understand and relate to this so, so, so much. Trending search topics in this area include things like self-discovery journal prompts, social media detoxing, embracing the single life, mood booster playlists, art therapy activities, and feng shui decor.

    Raise your hand if you've searched for any of these things in 2019? *raises hand* Social media detox, anyone?


    Next up, we’ve got what’s called the Home Hub. Working from home, working out from home, and well, having everything delivered means we never having to leave the house. Some of the most searched keywords on this topic emerging now are things such as garden rooms (who knew, but I love, love it!), work from home wear or WFHW, granny pods aka backyard cottages, audio rooms, home brewing, home theaters, coffee stations, and homemade baby food.

    Okay, as someone who works from home and is seeing a major rise of others working from home, too, this topic and it's growth makes perfect sense!


    Fourth emerging Pinterest trend for the New Year is Internationally Inspired or in other words taking travel experiences and recreating them in our homes. Think Spanish bathrooms, Indian living rooms, French antiques, Australian landscaping, Japanese tubs, Macedonian food, and West African Recipes. 

    I traveled to Rwanda a few months ago and I so wish I could capture the boldness, color, and zest of Kigali life. As the world moves faster and we become so connected through the internet and media, I expect this trend will only continue to rise for years to come.


    And if you are an insane dog lover like me, then the emerging topic of Pampered Pets should also not be a shock to you. Some of the top searches of the year for pets are things such as pet resorts, dog patios, outdoor cat playgrounds, dog toilets (is this a thing?!), goat playhouses (and seriously I am not making this stuff up!), cat birthdays, cakes for dogs, and pet memorials. 

    There is a massive growth opportunity for any of you reading this who has a pet related business that can offer your products or services either Nationally or Internationally, so take note!


    And last, but not least, one of my personal favorite topics to talk about is travel. On Pinterest, a significant materializing trend has been seen in responsible travel. Pinners are interested in knowing more about train travel, zero-waste travel essentials, staycations, eco-friendly cities, eco-friendly travel, agro-tourism, eco-structures, and travel stories.

    I love how this topic plays into conscious consumerism with Internationally inspired. As a Millennial, I have seen over the past few years many people being concerned about the impact waste plays on our planet, but also how we can reduce our carbon footprints and impact to be more responsible (and still travel and enjoy this beautiful world of ours!).

Like I said at the onset of this post that I was rounding up six out of the ten emerging topics, so you can view the four other ones directly on Pinterest.

Reflecting on this post, if you are a budding business owner, currently own a business, or are looking to start one--hopefully, here are some inspirations and ideas for you to focus your marketing strategy or find a product that currently isn’t on the market you can create.

No matter what, I hope this information is super helpful for you as you move into the New Year and new decade with your business! 

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