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What Does A Digital Marketing Coach Do?

Oct 21, 2019

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You've heard of life, health, and business coaches, but have you ever heard of a digital marketing coach?

I'm certain I didn't dub the term, but I hadn't heard of anyone else (until a Google Search) who works with small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that solely focuses on helping these individuals / companies with their digital marketing.


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That's a great segway into:

What does a digital marketing coach do?

Well, from my perspective, a digital marketing coach does the following:

  • Competitive Research on behalf of the brand / business I'm working for prior to our session

  • Targeting key areas of a brand / businesses' digital marketing strategy that are working, not working, or that should be implemented

  • Asking clarifying questions about the brand / business to get a better feel for where they should be focusing their digital marketing efforts and budgets

  • Understanding the goals and growth plan of the business to effectively utilize digital marketing to help them meet their goals

  • Helping the client to identify their ideal customer / client / audience 

  • Clarifying the vision or niche of the brand / business (if not done so already!) especially when the brand is multi-faceted or the client has multiple interests / ideas / businesses

  • Education on different aspects of digital marketing

  • Developing next action steps and an overall digital marketing plan to the client

  • And last, but not least, give the brand / business exceptional referrals for potential collaborations and vendors who can assist them in various areas of their business including branding, website development, social media management, automation, and more.

Especially if you are not hip to the work of social media or perhaps you just feel overwhelmed by it all, digital marketing coaches are worth their weight in gold (if I do say so myself!).

Just listen to what a couple of my recent customers had to say about their experience with me:

"After my coaching session with Joanne, I feel revived. I now have a clear vision for my business' online presence and growth. Joanne's guidance and expertise is exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level." 
-Shana McLoud, The Hue Lifestyle

"The before and after of our aesthetic of our [social media] and the [growth of our] following is a reflection of the complete change in our confidence, understanding, and focus that Joanne gave us."
-Mary Cove, Blue Thumb Farms

Want to level up your business with digital marketing?
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